The Suffragettes


Directed by Meredith Radel

Women’s Social and Political Union Campaign

Goal: Delegates will be working to campaign for women’s suffrage and expand sexual rights in Great Britain.

Subtopic A: Women’s Suffrage- Like many industrial states, women in Great Britain were banned from voting, which led to the formation of various suffrage movements.  The WSPU must campaign to expand the enfranchisement of women by influencing legislation in Parliament. Delegates will need to devise unusual and unorthodox campaigning methods to implement actual change in politics.

Subtopic B: Sexual Rights- While the expansion of reproductive rights was not a cause championed by the WSPU or many other popular groups in the 20th century, delegates will also campaign for equitable sexual rights.  Given the time period the movement exists in and conservative values held by those in leadership positions, the WSPU must tackle the restrictions placed on a woman’s body in an environment that does not want to hear such progressive, sexual rhetoric.  The restraints of the 20th century and its values and norms will prove to be the largest hindrances to feminist progress that the WSPU must overcome.

Subtopic C: Nationalism- The WSPU must decide how to move forward with the outbreak of World War I.  While women still do not have the right to vote in 1914, the push for nations to hold a strong nationalistic front is rising across Europe.  Delegates must explore how to continue to fight for the expansion of the right to vote while managing external pressures in a changing world.

This is a single delegation committee.