Directed by Jonah Barron and Anthony Joseph

The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars rage on! In the Year 20 BBY, The Republic and Separatists clash in a seemingly endless conflict. Members of the Galactic Senate conduct their usual meetings, now focused on a handful of specific tasks. First and foremost, senators are charged with finding an end to this war, whether through violence or diplomacy, and to determine both tactically and logistically how best to fight.

Bounty Hunters

However, this task has been complicated by the rise of crime in an increasingly war-torn galaxy, most notably the rise in prominence of bounty hunters. These rogue agents pose a great threat to the Republic as their crimes threaten to undermine the Republic from within. As such, the Senate is charged with finding some way to stop their menace.

The Independent Systems

Finally (though this charge may not reach the senate when all is said and done), the Senate is charged with finding a resolution to the issue of Independent Systems, those who would choose to remain separate from both sides of the conflict, most notably among them the system of Mandalore. The Senate must set their policy towards these systems and ensure that these policies are upheld. No member of the Senate wields a lightsaber or can use the force, but even still the weight of the galaxy rests on their shoulders....