Sokovia Accords


Directed by Daniel Sheaffer

The United Nations Role in Dealing With Advanced Individuals

A recent Avengers mission in Sokovia has resulted in several civilian casualties, causing many to believe that enhanced individuals like the Avengers require greater regulation. Many government agencies are in support of a registry of enhanced individuals whose actions are monitored and controlled. Tony Stark and several other former Avengers are in support of such a registry, while Steve Rodgers and his followers have stated that they would not abide by these new rules.

Following several civilian casualties during the Avengers last mission, the Sokovia Accords were passed creating a registry of enhanced individuals and establishing means of monitoring and regulating their activities. Steve Rodgers and his various followers have gone rogue, refusing to abide by these new regulations.

Subtopic A: The threat of Thanos- Thor has recently returned to Earth bearing a warning that Thanos is approaching and already holds multiple Infinity Stones in his gauntlet, sparking debate on whether to pardon Rodgers and his accomplices to help guarantee Earth's safety.

Subtopic B: Ultron’s technology- The artificial intelligence program used by Ultron survived his defeat and he has resurfaced alongside an army of robots. It is unclear if the fractured remaining Avengers can handle them on their own.

Subtopic C: The pressing issue of Sinister 6- Notorious supervillain group the Sinister 6 is terrorizing New York City and have kidnapped several important officials. It is unclear if the fractured remaining Avengers can handle them on their own.

Subtopic D: Apprehending disobedient Avengers- Arrest warrants have been issued for the former Avengers who refused to sign the Accords, and a great deal of debate has been sparked on how to best apprehend them.

This is a double delegation committee.