Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


Directed by Kathryn Ziccarelli 

Civil & Political Rights: Political Participation and Voting

Article 25 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights stipulates the right to vote and/or be elected in free and fair election cycles, with secret ballots and universal suffrage for the population.  Additionally, it is the right of all citizens to partake in political activities and civil society without discrimination, as well as having equal access to public service. It is a priority of the OHCHR to establish strong political institutions, which are necessary to uphold these rights and remain absent in the developing world.

Children’s Rights: Child Soldiers

The Committee on the Rights of the Child cites a statute which proclaims the involvement of children in national and international armed conflict to be a war crime.  Child soldiers face life-threatening dangers and emotional turmoil, affecting their development and future adult lives. Countries or groups in situations of civil war or inter-ethnic conflict have employed the use of child soldiers in the past, often through forcible recruitment.  The OHCHR is committed to eradicating this violation of children’s rights so that children may live free and unfettered lives.

This is a double delegation committee.