North American Treaty Organization - Chicago Summit 2012

Topic 1: Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Delegates will discuss plans to withdraw NATO-member state military troops from the country in order to bring the War in Afghanistan to an end. Delegates should expect to debate the possible consequences of a quick and non transitory withdrawal while also working to draft plans for withdrawal from a military strategy point of view. Additional points of discussion may include implementation of political and economic infrastructure to help the country rebuild and the merits and consequences of promoting democracy in the region.

Topic 2: Deterring the Rising Extremist Non-State Threat Post-Iraq War

In the wake of political and military turmoil in the Middle East, largely a result of the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War, extremist non-state actors have become a rising threat in the region. Delegates will work to combat this threat as they ponder how to solve the issues of ISIL and state occupation by ISIL combatants, as well as state-sponsored terrorism. Delegates will also address the internal issue of the U.S. led War on Terror and how NATO collective self defense in this ongoing campaign might infringe upon state sovereignty.

Director: Maggie Manson