National Salvation Front 1990


Directed by Priya Singh and Ethan Brown

Recovering from Austerity

From the early 1980s onward, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu imposed stringent austerity policies on the public with the aims of improving industrial production and lessening financial dependence on the West. The programs were unsuccessful and resulted in food shortages, widespread electricity outages, and infrastructural decline. Now that Ceausescu has been deposed, how should the NSF go about improving Romania’s dire economic situation?

The Presence of Communist Bureaucrats

The National Salvation Front inherits a government with thousands of Ceausescu appointed communist bureaucrats in Bucharest and elsewhere in Romania. Their ideology is diametrically opposed to the goals of the NSF, leaving their continued employment with the Romanian government in doubt. Should bureaucrats be legally penalized for their mismanagement of Romania? Should they be re-educated and kept within the civil service due to their expertise? How do we subvert opponents of the NSF while maintaining a functioning bureaucracy?

Foreign Relations

The Socialist Republic of Romania was formally aligned with the USSR yet maintained cordial relations with the US and other Western powers well into the 1970s. The emergence of a new democratic front and the removal of Ceausescu’s regime leaves these alliances in question, and the changing geopolitical landscape of Eastern Europe threatens to undermine Romania’s special relationship with the US (as it had previously been one of the only powers in the Eastern Bloc to work with America). A reliance on Soviet goods and resources also must be recognized; how should the NSF proceed on the international stage?