The United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Directed by Maxime Legros

Protection of Civilian and Human Rights

Lasting peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo requires that civilian and human rights are respected. The DRC faces human rights violations from peacekeeping forces, state security forces and armed groups, including arbitrary execution, degrading human treatment, and sexual violence. As women and children are the most affected by the conflict, MONUSCO will have to address how to increase the security and safety of the affected groups. Meeting many of these challenges in the DRC requires institutional reform and the strengthening of the rule of law.

Subtopic A: Human Rights Violations - Peacekeepers, state security forces, and armed groups often face allegations of human rights violations; MONUSCO should determine how to increase accountability, how to increase confidence in state institutions that enforce the law, and how to protect civilian populations from these continued abuses.

Subtopic B: Gender and Security Sector Reform - Institutions in the DRC need to provide an effective and responsible role to ensure the security of women, boys and girls.

Subtopic C: Rule of Law - As confidence in justice mechanisms and other state institutions dwindles, MONUSCO should seek to find solutions to restoring the rule of law, ending impunity, and protecting civilian and human rights.

This is a single delegation committee.