JCC: Triple Entente vs. Central Powers


Directed by Will Ryu, Blake Phillips, and Graham Pfeiffer

War on the European Front

The European Front is where this war started and where most of the fighting thus far has taken place. There are two European fronts for the Central powers, one in the west along the French-German border and one along the German-Austrian-Russian border in the east. Both fronts will need to be pressed for either of the powers to win.

War in the Colonies

France, Great Britain, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire all have extensive holdings in Africa, Southern Asia, and the Pacific. Many of these nations depend on their colonial networks to fund and supply their war efforts. Whichever side of the conflict can control the flow of goods too and from the colonies could control the war.


The early 1900s were a period of internal upheaval as well as international conflict. Nations will need to be careful to monitor their internal parties, movements, and uprisings to make sure they don’t lose their countries while they’re trying to win the war.