International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Topic 1: Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea

The disputes in the South China Sea are multifaceted; however, they boil down to simply a competition between many southeast Asian countries and China regarding one of the most strategically advantageous maritime territories in the world. China's efforts of maritime takeover in and around their waters can be best described as aggressive and dominating given their efforts at naval militarization. The nine-dash line (a demarcation of China's waters) is quite vague and spans across many islands, some of which are claimed by other countries. A solution must be found to appease these rapidly increasing tensions between the countries involved.

Topic 2: Off-Shore Oil Drilling and its Effects on Marine Environment

Offshore oil-drilling is the process in which petroleum is extracted from rock formations under the ocean floor. As a result of this oil-drilling, coastal wetlands are heavily impacted allowing for an increase in storm damage given the undermined storm barriers and damage from oil-spills. Fracking, an integral part of offshore oil-drilling, is the process that takes place in which a chemical-laced fluid is injected at high pressure into shale rock, releasing the gas that is locked inside. Hydraulic fracking has many conservational consequences. The likeliness of catastrophic mishaps grows as the global demand for energy increases.

Director: Shreyas Bhalle