Handover of HonG Kong

Topic 1: The Sovereignty of Hong Kong

In 1898, Great Britain signed a lease with China for the “New Territories” of Hong Kong for ninety-nine years at a time near the British Empire’s peak. Nearly eighty years later, the expiration of the lease is increasingly becoming a reality. As Hong Kong Island, land given to Great Britain in perpetuity, relies on the New Territories for resources and infrastructure, the British and Chinese governments must figure a solution to fate of over five million people.

Topic 2: Internal Administration

The negotiations over Hong Kong are complicated by the unique political systems of each party. The United Kingdom relies on a primarily democratic system of governance while China is ruled by the unelected and authoritative Communist Party. Issues of internal administration and political systems are central in the concerns over the future of Hong Kong.

Topic 3: “The Asian Tiger”

In the past 15 years, the economy of Hong Kong went from a manufacturing base to one of the world’s leading financial centers. The potential for transfer in the Chinese socialist economic system threatens Hong Kong’s economic status. Investors and major companies have expressed concern over the negotiations and may take action based on the outcome.

Director: Andrew Tanner