WMHSMUN Financial Terms & Conditions


The Delegate Fee for WMHSMUN XXXII is $65.00 per delegate. The School Fee is $55.00 per school. The Sponsor Fee is $10.00 per sponsor. All chaperones are considered sponsors.


Please make all checks payable to the William and Mary International Relations Club. Do not make checks payable to WMHSMUN, William & Mary, or W&M MUN. The school fee and half of the Delegate Fees are due by the time registration is scheduled to close, October 13th. Should registration close early due to capacity, the fee deadline does not change. All payments must be made in full by the conference weekend during Check-In.

Late Fees

Late fees apply to all schools that have filled out the online registration form at the close of registration, but have not submitted the initial payment installment - half of the delegate fees as well as the $55 conference fee. A $5 late fee will be imposed for each unpaid delegate in addition to the original $65 per delegate. To avoid late fees, be sure that the initial payment is received or postmarked by the close of registration, October 13th.

Late Drops

If an entire delegation drops before October 13th, they will be refunded only half of the already paid delegate fees. If the delegation drops after October 13th, no refund will be given. If a school has not paid any fees and has dropped after October 31st, they are expected to pay the Installment Payment. Additionally, the $55 school fee is non-refundable. This policy exists to cover the significant costs incurred prior to the conference weekend.


Please contact our Registration Director at <registration@wmhsmun.org>, if you have any questions regarding your payment installments.

Mailing Address

All checks should be sent to the following address via regular USPS or USPS Priority. Please do not use UPS or FedEx.


International Relations Club

P.O. Box 3032

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Fine Print

The entire school fee and one-half of the delegate fee are due by registration close, October 13th ("Installment Payment"). The remainder of fees, outlined herein, must be paid in full at Check-In on the first day of the conference, November 9th. The WMHSMUN Secretariat must be notified by October 14th, 2018 of any dropped delegates in order to receive any refund of delegate fees for dropped delegates. No fees will be refunded for dropped delegates after the October 13th, 2018 deadline. If schools drop delegates after this deadline and have not paid any delegate fees so far, the half that was due prior to October 13th must still be paid with late fees. For avoidance of doubt, under no circumstance will school fees be refunded once paid.

WMHSMUN Policies

The WMHSMUN Code of Conduct and Delegate Liability Form can be found below. As a matter of upholding the decorum and professionalism of the conference, delegates are expected to adhere to the guidelines explained below in the Code of Conduct. Delegates must have signed copies of the Delegate Liability Form and the Code of Conduct in order to participate in the conference. 

Please be sure to read this code of conduct, as all delegates will be expected to adhere to it for the duration of the conference. Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct may result in dismissal from the conference or disqualification from conference events or awards. 

1. WMHSMUN has a zero-tolerance policy towards the illegal use of drugs and alcohol. The Commonwealth of Virginia and the College of William & Mary have identical policies regarding the consumption of alcohol by persons under the age of 21: it is strictly prohibited. Any infraction of this drug and alcohol policy will be immediately reported to the delegate’s sponsor and W&M Campus Police.  

2. WMHSMUN and College Policies prohibit smoking inside all buildings and within 25 feet of any building. Participants are strongly discouraged from smoking at any time during the conference. This policy also applies to vaporizers or e-cigarettes. Please respect the Woodlands smoking policies for individual rooms.  

3. The dress code for delegates is Western business attire. Coats and ties are required of male delegates. Female delegates follow with suits, skirts, slacks, appropriate blouses, and closed-toed shoes. Please reference the Dress Code section of the delegate handbook for further information.  

4. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated and any offenders will be dealt with immediately and strictly.

This includes forms of bullying. WMHSMUN has a strict no bullying policy, and the Secretariat reserves the right to dismiss delegates from the conference for bullying other delegates either in or out of committee.

5. The Secretariat reserves the right to immediately expel delegates from the conference for unacceptable behavior including, but not limited to, vulgar language, suggestive remarks, obscene gestures or body language, violent physical outbursts, or derogatory comments or notes made either in or out of committee.  

6. In order to enhance and maintain a productive committee atmosphere, personal communication devices such as cellphones, tablets, and laptops are to be disabled in committee sessions. All cell phones should be silent before the start of committee. Electronic devices may be used outside the committee room if necessary. If a delegate has a medical or family emergency and has a reason to receive a call during committee, please inform the committee director before the session begins. The Secretariat will grant exceptions to this policy if informed of any necessary accommodations prior to conference weekend.  

7. The official curfew of WMHSMUN is midnight. Delegates must also be mindful of the noise curfew at the Woodlands and remember to be courteous to other guests staying at the hotel who are not affiliated with the conference. After 11:00 PM, there should not be delegates congregating in the halls.  

8. The Woodlands Hotel and Suites reserves the right to ask delegates to leave the hotel for unacceptable and prohibited behavior. All damages to the hotel are the responsibility of the student and his/her sponsor.  

9. All conference attendees recognize that while WMHSMUN contains competitive elements, education is the priority. Delegates and Sponsors are bound at all times to act in accordance with good sportsmanship and in respect for fair play.  

10. Visiting students will be bound by the College of William & Mary Honor Code which reads:

As a Member of the William & Mary community, I pledge, on my Honor, not to lie, cheat, or steal in either my academic or personal life. I understand that such acts violate the Honor Code and undermine the community of trust of which we are all stewards.  

11. Chewing gum is prohibited in Sadler Center and Williamsburg Lodge. This includes times such as opening ceremonies, during committee, and during social events hosted by WMHSMUN. Please be respectful of the buildings and help us ensure that future conferences can enjoy a clean environment.  

12. Delegates are also bound by the policies of their respective schools and sponsors. 

The link for the Code of Conduct and Delegate Release Form can be found below. Both documents must be signed in order for delegates to participate in the conference.

Code of Conduct

Delegate Release Form