Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the registration dates?

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Q: When is the last day to reserve hotel rooms?

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Q: What does "Transportation Required" mean?

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Committee Logistics

Q: When will I be able to choose SA and Crisis committees?

A: Preferences will be turned off until closer to the conference to give our directors time to be confident in their committee positions. The Registration Director will send out an email when these preferences become available.

Q: How should we assign positions to our students?

A: Position assignments within your delegation are largely up to you! However, if you have been given a Specialized Agency or Crisis Committee position, you must fill that position. These committees are small, and absences have significant impact on the quality of the simulation. If you have been given more positions than you can fill, you can choose to put a single student in a double delegate committee (most General Assemblies and Novice Committees) or leave one or more committee without delegates. For example, if you have eight delegates and four GA positions (double delegate committees) and two SA positions (single delegate committees) you would start by filling the two SAs. Your remaining six students can either double up in three of the GAs and leave one GA empty or put one delegate in two of the GAs and double up students for the other two GAs. Please pay attention to the level of difficulty when assigning (or letting you students choose) their committee placement. For novice committees, only place students who have done Model UN for one year or less. Do not put novice delegates in non-novice committees, as we are not responsible for providing training in these committees.

Q: How are committee positions assigned?

A: The Secretariat assigns committee positions based on several factors, including the size of a school’s delegation, number of years a delegation has attended, record of past performance, and past country assignments. We always take your preferences into account when making these decisions and try to give you at least one of your preferences while completing this process. We also try to give a measure of preference to smaller delegations, since we understand that there is a tendency for these schools to get left behind in the assignment process. The secretariat assigns positions almost immediately after registration ends, which is why it is vital that our delegate records be correct at that time.

Q: Why does the number of positions we have been given not match up with the number of delegates we registered?

A: When we allocate committee positions, we give out all of the positions that go with a country to the same school. For example, while you may only have a delegation of eight students, we may not have a country that has less than twelve positions total in each of the committees. This is not an invitation to add more delegates, nor is it an oversight on the part of the secretariat. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that this may bring about within your delegation.


Q: Can I pay with a credit card or bank transfer?

A: No. The only acceptable forms of payment are cash or check (personal or institutional). Due to internal regulations and limitations within the College of William & Mary, the William & Mary International Relations Club cannot accept electronic forms of payment at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to improve our policies.

Q: Whom do I make the check out to, and where should I send it?

A: Please make checks payable to “International Relations Club at William & Mary”. DO NOT make checks out to W&M MUN, William & Mary, or WMHSMUN XXXIII. Doing so will require you to write another to “International Relations Club at William & Mary”.

Our address is:


International Relations Club at William & Mary

P.O. Box 3032

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Q: We need to fill out tax forms for our school. How does that work?

A: WMHSMUN is not responsible for filling out any paperwork. We are not affiliated with the college or its finances, and WMHSMUN does not have its own tax code. Our club policy states that we cannot fill out any paperwork for you or your school division.

Q: How do reimbursements work?

A: If your school overpays and needs a reimbursement, you will receive that reimbursement in the form of a check when you arrive at the conference. We will not mail you a reimbursement check unless extenuating circumstances occur. Barring a major event in Williamsburg that causes the College administration to close campus, no reimbursements will be issued due to weather conditions.

Q: How much are late fees?

A: Late fees are $5 per delegate, and will be owed for any delegate added after the registration deadline.


Q: How does parking work during the conference?

A: If you want to park your car on campus during the conference, you can park it in any Faculty/Staff, Day Student, or timed parking space (i.e. 2-hour parking). You will not be ticketed for parking in these spots from 5:00 PM on Friday night through 8:00AM on Monday morning. These spots are located next to Zable Stadium, next to William & Mary Hall, in front of Yates Hall, and behind the Campus Center. Should your travel plans require you to park on campus before weekend parking hours, a temporary pass can be obtained from Parking Services for $5.00. All buses MUST park in the William & Mary Hall lot to avoid being moved by Campus Police. At no time should buses contracted by delegations use Stadium Drive or James Blair Drive.

Q: What does the term "Transportation Independent" mean?

A: The term "Transportation Independent," or T.I., refers to those schools that do not utilize the transportation that our conference provides from the Conference Hotel(s) to the Sadler Center on campus. This term applies to schools that bring their own form of transportation, including school and charter buses, as well as personal vehicles.

Q: If we are a Transportation Independent school and we are bringing a bus, where should it pick us up?

A: The buses should pick you up at the BACK entrance to the Sadler Center. You can access this parking lot from Gooch Drive. It is located next to the Student Health Center. Buses that attempt to use James Blair Drive in the front of the Sadler Center will be moved by Campus Police. This policy is in place to keep traffic clear for the Conference Shuttle Service.