Disarmament and International Security Committee


Directed by Brianna Soccio

Illegal Arms Trafficking

The illegal trade and trafficking of weapons is a serious problem affecting the developing world. Small arms and light weapons in particular are easy to trade and easy to use, making them the primary weapons used in civil wars and insurgencies. They incite conflict and hinder development. Illegal arms trafficking is responsible for thousands of deaths every year, and addressing the regulations surrounding this issue is a critical step.


In recent decades, a new security threat has emerged in the form of cyber warfare, terrorism, and espionage. Both non-state actors and state actors rely on cyber technologies to attack, sabotage, and steal information. The nature of this threat makes it difficult to attribute, and the rules on cyber warfare are not clearly defined or widely accepted. It is crucial that DISEC endeavors to define and prevent cyber warfare.

This is a double delegation committee.