United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space 2030 (COPUOS)

Topic 1: Revising the Legal Framework in Space

When mankind first breached the final frontier, the United Nations created a legal framework intended to govern the activities among the spacefaring countries. However, as the commercial space industry grows and more private individuals take to space, a number of legal ambiguities regarding judicial jurisdiction in space and private ownership of celestial materials arise. Delegates will need to be creative in their solutions in order to revise and reform international space law.

Topic 2: Space Debris

Earth’s orbit grows ever so crowded as spacefaring nations and corporations continue to send objects into space. While several technical solutions have been proposed or exist, little international action has been taken. In addition to exploring upcoming innovations in technology, delegates will need to come up with a regime that both remediates and regulates debris in space.

Director: Maxime Legros