Inter-American Commission of Women 1928 (CIM)

Topic 1: Women’s Nationality

What happens to the rights of women who marry men of another nationality? No laws currently protect the nationality of women in the same way that they protect the nationality of men. An Argentine woman who marries a British man is no longer an Argentine citizen, nor is she British. How can nationality be determined and how does it apply to cases like divorce, or family separation? How can nationality appropriately be addressed in the postwar era?

Topic 2: Women’s Suffrage

Many Western nations gave women the right to vote in the interwar period, including Canada in 1917 and the United States in 1920. However, these countries’ have a different social, political, and demographic makeup from their Latin American counterparts. What obstacles stand in the way of universal suffrage in Latin America, and how can they be overcome?

Director: Jo Weech