Association of Southeast Asian Nations Plus Six (ASEAN Plus Six)

Topic 1: Religious Freedom

A main goal of the ASEAN Plus Six is to uphold human rights within each member state, and as such is to protect religious freedom. However, the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and the reports of concentration camps in China speak to the current failings of ASEAN in achieving their mission. With this in mind, ASEAN Plus Six must address these weaknesses and develop a way to move forward that protects all religious sects and their right to peaceful practice.

Topic 2: Food and Water Security

Over 60 million people in Southeast Asia suffer from food and water insecurity. Upon entering ASEAN, member states commit themselves to collaborative agricultural efforts intended to ultimately raise the living conditions of their peoples; as these states continue to see and feel the effects of climate change, current ASEAN policies are not doing enough. Taking climate change into account, ASEAN must increase food and water security across all member states.

Director: Lauren Boyes