Arctic Circle Committee on Crude Oil


Directed by Sean Frankel

Environmental Preservation in the Arctic

Goal:  Delegates will be deciding on how to best protect and use the environment and peoples of the Arctic circle. 

Subtopic A:  Environmental Protection/Resource Extraction- Few places are changing more rapidly due to climate change and other forms of environmental degradation than the Arctic Circle.  Without a proper plan in place for sustainable development or environmental protection, countries will exploit the north too greedily and could destroy it before future generations can benefit from it.   

Subtopic B:  Indigenous Peoples- The Arctic is inhabited by four million people, roughly 10 percent of whom identify as indigenous peoples, and its government is balanced among the eight countries with territory in the region—the United States, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Russia. Delegates should decide on how to best protect these indigenous peoples living across multiple borders.

Subtopic C:  Arctic Circle Non-Aggression Treaty- Such an agreement can't be a mirror of the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, which set aside that entire continent as a research reserve. That one was easy because no country bordered Antarctica and no one lived there. The Arctic is entirely different. Military confrontation could have far-reaching consequences and nations should decide on how neutral the Arctic should be.

This is a single delegation committee.