Alberto Fujimori Constitutional Convention


Directed by Marc Dion

Constitutional Reform

Delegates will be tasked with rewriting the Peruvian constitution alongside the new President Alberto Fujimori, to address critical issues, such as:

Subtopic A: Indigenous groups- the cabinet must address how to support and protect the rights of a wide array of indigenous peoples in Peru, and deal with the ethnic cleansing and perpetual violence against ethnic groups. Delegates will need to explore how to protect marginalized ethnic groups, as well as improve the living standards for many of them.

Subtopic B: Shining Path Insurgents- With the political instability still wrecking the country, the cabinet must address how to deal with political insurgent groups. Most notably, the Shining Path guerrilla group, a left-wing communist group, has put significant pressure on the government to change the political system. Delegates will need to address how to incorporate their ideology, or face harsh criticism and potential terrorist attacks.

Subtopic C: Economic Stability- Peru has experienced extremely high inflation in the previous years, and needs to work with the international community as well as local corporations to stabilize the currency. Delegates will also tackle the promotion of economic growth, and will have to create policy that supports the weak economy.

This is a single delegation committee.