AI Code of Ethics Project

Topic 1: AI Safety and Human Rights

The opinion on the making of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the effects of its usage on consumers are varied, but many believe that all parties should agree to partake in following a certain code of ethics. Activists and researchers bring different perspectives to the table when discussing the extent machines with AI can acquire human rights (i.e. Sophia the Robot), spread information, and detect faces. How can we hold accountable the operators behind AI while ensuring the safety of the public in this booming age of technology?

Topic 2: Intelligence Explosion and Autonomy

Hypothetically, an intelligence explosion can occur in the future with AI experiencing self-improvement cycles where its growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, reaching superintelligence. Is it bad, good, or unavoidable - and how can we prevent misuse of AI with high autonomy? Without human control over them, a fail-safe code of ethics must be implemented to make sure unintended actions do not take place.

Director: undra Tsend