African Union


Directed by Lauren Boyes

Women, Gender, and Development

Goal: Delegates will be debating how best to integrate and support women so that development measures will be more effective on the African continent.

Subtopic A: Women’s Health - There is an ever-growing consensus that women’s health care is a necessity for development. For women to be able to support their families and contribute to the greater society and economy, they must be healthy and have access to female-oriented health services. However, in many developing regions, this is far from reality.

Subtopic B: Women and the Economy - Historically, many cultures have stigmatized women participating in the economy. As a continent abundant with economic hardships, it is essential that as many people as possible contribute to the economy and consequently expand economic growth.

Subtopic C: Women and Girls’ Education - Currently, there are 31 million primary school-age girls who are out of school. Education has been proven to affect birth rates and health as well as a woman’s ability to find work, and yet the countries with the lowest percentages of girls in school come from the African continent.

This is a single delegation committee.